Work Up In Smoke [Life Up In Smoke 03]

Ecclesiastes 2:17-23 // Tom Nelson
One of the main ways we seek meaning is our work. We were created with work in mind. But when Adam and Eve rebelled against God, not only was human work toilsome, human work became idolatrous.  Instead of work being a vital aspect of  God-honoring worship, humans began to worship their work. And that continues today!  The reason we feel so deeply the meaninglessness of our work at times is precisely because we were made for meaningful work. The reason we often feel the fruitlessness of our striving is because we were made to be fruitful. The reason we feel daily the pain of our toil acutely is because we have a deep God-given impulse to purposefully create, cultivate and contribute to human flourishing. Like so many mirages of meaning we may chase, our work, paid or not paid will eventually let us down.