Wealth Up In Smoke [Life Up In Smoke 04]

Ecclesiastes 5: 10-17 // Andrew Jones
Human beings, for most of human history, have a really unhealthy relationship to money. It’s one of those through lines of every age, culture, ethnicity, doesn’t matter: people love money. Qoheleth puts his finger right on the problem. Pleasure and work, and other good things that we can love too much, are like the carrot at the end of the stick that, when you finally get it, leaves you disappointed. It promises rest, but only leads to restlessness. The Bible shows us that we can’t rest from the love of money until we find the rest it promises elsewhere. Which is why Jesus is so adamant that he and he alone can give you rest. Our joy. Our security. Our happiness. He is our ultimate investment and retirement plan. It’s all him. He’s the only thing in life and death that cannot be taken away.

Sermon Notes: https://www.bible.com/events/48885499