Three Witnesses [Word Made Flesh 15]

John 5: 31-47 // Tom Nelson
John recounts Jesus’ words to religious leaders who are hell-bent on rejecting and condemning him -–despite the evidence. These religious leaders are so motivated to condemn Jesus, they have already decided the verdict in their hearts. If we are honest with ourselves, some of us have made our verdict already, picking and choosing the things we “like” about Jesus. And rejecting anything that gets in the way of our desires or our comforts. We may like what Jesus says about heaven and love. But sexuality? Or money? Or caring for the marginalized? Or loving our enemies. Nah, I’m good. Our heart motivations may be different from the religious leaders in Jesus’ day. But the outcome is the same. We too reject Jesus. So the question we have to wrestle with today is this. Whether you consider yourself a Christian or not, When it comes to Jesus–what will your verdict be?

Sermon Notes: