Our Timeless Mission

Matthew 28: 16-20 // Andrew Jones

Our world is constantly changing around us. It seems as though it is changing faster now than ever. What never changes, and what always grounds us, no matter what, is not who we are, but whose we are. We do not belong to the chaos of our world when it rears its ugly head. We do not belong to an ideology. We do not belong to a human authority. We don’t even belong to ourselves. We belong to Jesus. And He is in control, and is always taking care of us. He sends us on a mission together to be a family, together, for ALL nations, to bring forgiveness and reconciliation to everyone, everywhere, all the time. He does not call us to do it alone, He is always with us. His church will triumph. His kingdom will come. His will we be done on earth as it is in heaven. His victory is sure. And we are in it. Praise God for it.

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